What do badgers have to do with rhetoric?

Every couple of months a new word or two in my very mild accent proves indecipherable to locals. There has been a lot of ‘badgers?’ lately, as I talk about this project, but I cracked up when ‘breeders’ got misheard as ‘burritos’. Anyway. I mentioned on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that my students in RHE306: Rhetoric and Writing class (the introductory …

Now Reading: Aristotle, Rhetoric

I hear this is, like, the foundation of my discipline or something. Parallel coursework reading: Ancient Non-Greek Rhetorics.

Now Reading: Reassembling the Social

Bruno Latour’s Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network Theory. This is coursework reading. But also fun, fun, fun. (Read: I’ve been assigned two chapters. I’m reading the book. Again. I love Latour.)

Now Reading: Deliberate Conflict

Inspired by my pal Courtney and her Play Per Day Project, I hereby commit to learning in public. Started today — Patricia Roberts-Miller’s Deliberate Conflict: Argument, Political Theory and Composition Classes.