All of my teaching materials are available for use and adaptation.

If you try them in your own classroom, I'd love to hear how it goes!

Header of infographic. Text: Making a Persuasive Infographic: invent, arrange, style, deliver

Persuasive Infographics

Students use the canons of rhetoric to develop effective infographics using Piktochart.

Image of writing on a whiteboard

Feminist Icebreaker

Students use a think-pair-share activity to establish a collaborative, accessible classroom climate.

Clip art of sillhouetted people with a variety of access needs

Universal Design for Learning

A quick introduction to UDL for new instructors.

Screenshot of TimeMapper handout

Interactive Timelines

Students use TimeMapper and open datasets to visualise temporal and geographic relationships between events.

Spilt movie popcorn

Intro to Video Editing

Students used Popcorn Maker to remix YouTube videos, investigating rhetorical appeals in digital media.